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Puff Prefection Translucent

The W7 Puff Perfection gives you full coverage with its cream to powder formula that glides on effortlessly giving long lasting coverage and a radiant appearance.

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Causes of Hair Loss
Causes of Hair Loss

There are many reasons that we can start to lose our hair which is why it is important to involve a board-certified dermatologist early in your journey to treat hair loss. Some of the main causes of hair loss are: Internal factors Diet and hair loss are frequently linked due to factors such as poor […]

Choose the Right Sunscreen
Choose the Right Sunscreen

Summer is in full swing. And while you should use sunscreen every day of the year, it’s even more important during summertime – when the days are longer, the sun is stronger, and it’s easier to spend more time outdoors. When choosing sunscreen, be sure to read the label before you buy. Food and Drug […]

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